Fire Extinguishing System

Automatic fire extinguishing indicated for professional kitchens.

The Amerex KitchenProtection Extinguishing System is very effective in fighting fire and is especially suitable for industrial kitchens (restaurants, canteens, hotels, schools, cruises, etc.).

The main focus of cooking fires is dietary fat. For this reason, Amerex has developed a low PH pH-based extinguishing agent, which suppresses fires through saponification and cooling. This solution is compatible with all metals (stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum copper and brass), and prevents further damage to kitchen equipment and coating materials.

The KitchenProtection (KP) is a continuous and linear pneumatic sensing system that is pressurized with nitrogen at 240 PSI, avoiding the use of sensing cables, channels or corner pulley in the detection line.

The extinguishing system operates autonomously, without connection to the water or electricity network, and is compatible with mechanical gas networks, actuation networks and manual stations.

To increase the fire safety level, a connection to the SADI board can be established.

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