Treats and reduces unwanted odors


Filtration system with activated carbon

Developed by our engineering team, it is a three-stage filtration system - activated carbon, G4 filter and F5 filter - that purifies and deodorizes air that is drawn from an interior space.

Its use will have an impact on the pressure loss of the ventilation system, however it has the benefit of being self sufficient, not having necessity of energy power.

The activated carbon is granulated to reduce the loss of charge, and placed in cartridges that are attached to a plate through which the air passes through. Due to its characteristics it makes a chemical absorption that decomposes the bacteria that provoke bad smell and harmful contaminants in the air.

The box is made with an anodized aluminum profile structure, with double sheet panel and acoustic insulation, plastified with UV protection on the outside.

There are three models available: Ambifilter 1 (2500 m3/h), Ambifilter 2 (5000 m3/h) and Ambifilter 3 (7500 m3/h).

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