Ambiprose started in 1995, as a pioneer in electrostatic filtration, and became a portuguese reference company in filtration and air purification.

We have a specialized technical staff to find the best solutions in air treatment. We do projects of exhaust fumes for professional kitchens, ventilation, air conditioning, ozone injection systems and filtration with activated carbon.

Over the last twenty years we have been resolving critical situations in restaurants, clinics, hotels, laboratories and other industrial spaces throughout Portugal.

With a rigorous planning and preparation of the work, we guarantee a careful and efficient assembly, with the use of specialized labor and current technology. Safety, energy saving of equipment and maintenance are highly valued.

The quality of air and the correct functioning of HVAC systems are ensured by our maintenance, technical assistance and sanitation teams.

Our customers have a customized follow-up to offer a complete service throughout the life cycle of HVAC systems and ensure their correct operation as well as improve indoor air quality.

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