Electrostatic Filtration Unit

Filters and purifies the air through an ionization process

Unidade de Filtragem Eletroestática VH

The electrostatic system is based on a power source, responsible for generating a high voltage current that will retain and treat contaminated air particles through ionization and precipitation processes. The particle retention level is 97% to 99% (dimensions up to 0.01microns).

The electrostatic filtration unit treats and purifies the air through the capture of:

  • Fumes and fats
  • Tobacco smoke
  • Dust and pollen in suspension
  • Chemical compounds in the air

The air is treated and purified. It is therefore a system especially suitable for the food, industrial and hospital areas. One of the great advantages is the possibility of installing an exhaust system even if there is no chimney or equivalent.

The most recent innovation of our Electrostatic Filtering Unit is the increase of direct current to 15 kV in the ionizer and 8 kV in the collector which allows a 20% higher efficiency.

There are 3 available models of the electrostatic filtration unit for flow rates of 2500 m3/h (VH25), 5000 m3/h (VH50) and 7500 m3/h (VH75). The equipment is certified by CEE and RoHS.

Electrostatic Filtration Unit
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