Ozone Generator


Green and sustainable disinfectant for air deodorization and water purification.

Ozone is obtained from the air and acts as a powerful disinfectant capable of deodorizing air - treating unwanted odors - and purifying water - combating the proliferation of bacteria, fungi and viruses - protecting against disease and contagion.

In the last 5 years we have done several studies and tests of the ozone injection system to combat the proliferation of bacteria, fungi and viruses - in order to disinfect the site of exposure and treat unwanted odors.

Ozone is a highly reactive gas that is produced when oxygen (O2) interacts with electrical energy or ultraviolet radiation, generating tri-atomic oxygen (O3) molecules. It is considered a "green" and sustainable disinfectant, known as "activated" oxygen - 3000 times more powerful than traditional bleach (sodium hypochlorite).

The system is based on a generator that turns oxygen into ozone. This gas is sprayed into the air or water at times controlled by a pulsator regulator. Tests are first carried out to adapt the ozone concentrations required to combat existing pathogens. Ozone acts immediately until atoms disconnect and return to the initial composition - oxygen.

Due to hygienic characteristics, ozone generators are especially suitable for most contaminated areas, such as hospitals and clinics, bathrooms, professional kitchens, food industry (factories) and garbage dumps.

There are several models available for each application area. The ozone generator can be installed as an independent system or as a complement to the ventilation system.

Equipment certified by RoHS.



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